Martijn interviewt... Marc Savard
23 juni 2016 

Martijn interviewt... Marc Savard

Door de jaren heen heeft Martijn Groenendal verschillende interviews afgenomen, waaronder interviews met Richard Bandler, Igor Ledochowski, Marc Savard en Anthony Jacquin. In deze post vind je een interview met Marc Savard.
Martijn stelt hem vragen zoals: wat zijn de grappigste dingen die je mensen hebt laten doen, en hoe gebruik je zelfhypnose voor je toekomst en je succes?

“I don’t think there’s any limits. If you can think it, you can make it real. And the truth is, we’re governed by our own perceptive, perception of reality, so you change that perception, the reality changes. So it can be like a flick of a switch, you know, someone can be not confident to very confident, or depressed to not depressed, because these are all governed by emotions in our mind. However the emotion is in the mind, if you move in to the subconscious mind through hypnosis, bypassing the critical factor, change the idea of what that emotion is, and now the mind references that as the new emotion. It’s a completely new association. That’s why smokers can be smoking 40, 50 years, hypnotized one time, never smoke again. Never want another sigaret, and that is something that not only is the physical body addicted to that, but the mind is addicted to as well. So something as simple as stop smoking, can be applied to every part of human behaviour, and every human behaviour can be switched and changed in a matter of moments using hypnosis.”

Marc Savard

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