Martijn interviewt... Dr. Richard Bandler
23 juni 2016 

Martijn interviewt... Dr. Richard Bandler

Door de jaren heen heeft Martijn Groenendal verschillende interviews afgenomen, waaronder interviews met Richard Bandler, Igor Ledochowski, Marc Savard en Anthony Jacquin. In deze post vind je een interview met Dr. Richard Bandler.
Martijn vraagt hem onder andere wat het verschil is tussen NLP van de jaren ’80 en nu, en hoe we NLP in het onderwijs kunnen gebruiken.

“I think the biggest transformation in the people I work with, is when they discover that they can change these things. That it’s not really out of their control. The first time they do something they never thought they could do. When I do the Phobia Day in front of 700 people and somebody who can’t even think about a spider is holding one in their hand twenty minutes later. It’s not important that they hold the spider, what’s important is they now know everything they thought they couldn’t do, they can. And as long as they keep going and trying things that they thought were impossible and thinking about it differently; change the way you think, changes the way you feel, it changes what you can do.”

Dr. Richard Bandler

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