"How To Be Highly Proficient At Using
Advanced ‘HYPNOTIC-Based NLP’ 
For Fast & Effective Transformations"

"Hypnotic Based" NLP Practitioner Course 
In Beautiful Italy, Rapallo 2019 

Become a Hypnotic Based NLP Practitioner 

“How To Double - Even Triple - Your 
Hypnotic Transformational Power By
 Combining Hypnosis With Effective
 Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

If you want to double, even triple your hypnotic transformational power, then the fastest way to do that is by combining hypnosis with effective “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” processes. You see, to do that you need to take the very best “NLP” techniques and processes – and become highly proficient at using them in a very hypnotic-orientated way (I call it “Hypnotic-Based NLP”) and this webpage will tell you how it is possible!

You will learn:

  • Advanced ‘HYPNOTIC-Based NLP’ for Fast & Effective Transformations
  • How to quickly cure fobia's, panic attacks and fears with Hypnotic NLP
  • The best Hypnotic Shock inductions to have powerful impact on your client
  • Get certified with the Hypnotic practitioner certificate signed by Dr. Richard Bandler
  • To have a higher state of consciousness and fulfill your life's purpose
  • How to step into new empowering beliefs for positive life change
  • The best NLP communication skills for maximum positive influence
  • and much more...

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Essentially there are 7 stages that are necessary to achieve such a
big increase in your Hypnotic Transformational Power: 

Stage 1: Powerful communication
 skills for quick rapport building
 & maximum influence:

In Stage 1 you learn how to install into yourself all the beliefs of the most successful transformational coaches using NLP unconscious mind communication skills. You will come out of this stage with the same perceptions as the most successful transformational coaches in the world. Think of it this way: Stage 1 will “re-set” or “re-configure” your internal belief system (making you ready for the “new and enhanced applications” you will install into you throughout the rest of the training stages) Meaning, right from Stage 1, you will think and believe like a master of NLP. Also: you will learn how to set yourself up for success in ANY area of your life (so you KNOW you’re going to “WIN” from the get-go). You’ll also learn how to use NLP principles with your clients to set them up for success -- setting them up to “WIN” with whatever hypnosis or NLP technique you go onto use with them. And last, but not least, in just Stage 1, you will learn how to “read” other people far better than you’ve ever been able to, and, as an extension of that... you’ll be able to communicate with anyone so they completely understand you and have a deeper connection and bond with you than with anybody else. Powerful stuff, indeed! Next comes:

Stage 2: Quick hypnotic inductions for mastering your emotions and transforming “internal landscapes”:

In Stage 2 you move on to discover how to hypnotize anybody you want and deeply influence their unconscious mind with hypnotic language. In doing so you will quickly be able to transform their “inner landscape” -- (as well as your own, if you wish to use the hypnotic inductions and suggestions on yourself). Also you will be mastering all the aspects of the experience of another person by "seeing" their strategy of thinking. Then you’ll learn how to change minds just by feeding their language and "thinking styles" back on them. This makes hypnotic influence soo much easier! After Stage 2 comes:

Stage 3: Amplifying “power moods”
and how to make positive
life-changes with NLP

By the end of Stage 3 you will be able to make positive life change on the level of behavior and identity. This is because you will be mastering the most powerful NLP models (these are the advanced NLP models used by the masters in the field). You’ll be able to get into your best state and AMPLIFY it (this, amplified best state, in NLP, is called a “power mood”). And with your best “power moods” available at your command -- whenever you want – you can anchor the “power moods” into your neurological pathways... thus collapsing old (limiting) neurological pathways extremely quickly. Then comes 

Stage 4: “Learning how to learn” and NLP strategies for modeling personal leadership & skillsets:

During Stage 4 you find out how to correctly apply the meta model to quickly be able to learn the best strategies for success from the best in any field. That’s right – you’ll be able map out the inner-strategy and everything you want to learn from others (i.e., the best in their field) quickly and easily in just one conversation. Thus allowing you to model and replicate their inner-strategy for your own accelerated success in an area you want to excel at. Next comes 

Stage 5: The best techniques for RAPIDLY CHANGING habits, a “stuck” self image, and self-limiting beliefs:

During Stage 5 you’ll get the best techniques for making powerful changes in yourself, your clients or anyone you are speaking to for that matter. You’ll discover how to be the master inside your own head and have your own power-on command.

This will translate into positive internal shifts... giving you a renewed confidence and sense of exciting possibilities. Positive change will be experienced by you on all levels... and others will soon notice it! You’re not finished yet because then there’s:

Stage 6: How to quickly “erase” PHOBIAS, SELF-LIMITING FEARS

In stage 6 you will learn to say goodbye (FOR GOOD!) to any unwanted pattern inside yourself. Including saying goodbye (FOR GOOD!) to any phobia, self-limiting fear or trauma you’ve been carrying around with you (yes, even those phobias you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime!) Also you’ll learn how to do the same thing for other people (i.e., your clients or family members and friends). During Stage 6 you’ll truly master the most advanced “Hypnotic-NLP” techniques for massive life change. These will be the cream of the crop NLP techniques and hypnotic processes for “fixing the past” and shifting your internal state around things that used to bother or upset you.  And to cap it all off:

Stage 7: The Final Integration Of “Hypnotic-Based NLP”

Finally in Stage 7, you will be integrating everything to make sure you are more than ready to go out and actually USE “Hypnotic-Based NLP” in an effective way in your daily life and know how to apply it all to anyone who wants your help in making positive life changes. You will quite literally be a changed person (for the better!) and you will be equipped with “Hypnotic-Based NLP” techniques and processes that will serve you (and others you work with) for a lifetime. Now you could spend months, if not years, piecing some of these stages together yourself via books and seminars… OR you could simply get the Hypnosis Training Academy’s brand new and exciting, “Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming” Training…

Including Hypnosis Bonus session

"How To Quickly Reprogram The Subconscious Mind Of Your Client With
The Best Hypnotic Shock-Inductions" 

"How To Quickly Reprogram The Subconscious Mind Of Your Client With The Best Hypnotic Shock-Inductions" 

In this bonus session (1st august 19:00 -20:30) you will learn the best hypnotic shock inductions to enhance the impact you have on your client. With these powerful hypnotic shock inductions you enter the subconscious mind instantly. In this way you can quickly reprogram and re-educate, the subconscious mind of your client (and yourself). 

Here are three things you should know about the trainer Martijn Groenendal (if you don’t know him already):

Martijn Groenendal started in NLP in 1995 (some 23-years ago). He is an acclaimed NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer (the highest level you can get). He is also a master practitioner and Hypnosis Training Academy and IAPCH* certified trainer of Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis. Martijn Groenendal is an extremely experienced and competent live trainer in the areas of NLP and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis. He has done live trainings in a variety of countries – including in England, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, India, the United States and others. Martijn Groenendal was personally trained by Igor Ledochowski in Advanced Conversational Hypnosis and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis... and... was personally trained by co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, in Master Practitioner-level NLP techniques.

You will get:

- training in the best hypnotic shock inductions for personal power

- The Hypnotic Practitioner Certificate and signed by Dr. Richard Bandler (The NLP Society) 

- how to transform any emotion rapidly

- 30 minute kick off coaching call with trainer: Martijn Groenendal

- 7 days of professional education of the highest standards in Hypnosis and NLP

Your Hypnotic Practitioner certificate will be personally signed by Dr. Richard Bandler & Hypnosis Master trainer Martijn Groenendal

Training dates: The live training will take place starting on 31th of July and will end on the 6st of August. (Including Certification) Training will start at 9:30 a.m. each day and finish at 17:30 p.m

Certification details: You will receive (on completion of the 7-day training) The Hypnotic Practitioner Certificate from the NLP Society , that has the signature of Dr. Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and you will receive the "Hypnotic Based NLP" certificate from trainer Martijn Groenendal. 

Location & Venue:

The "Hypnotic Based" NLP Practitioner course will be taking place at: The Villa; Lungo Mare Vittoria Veneto 14 , Rapallo, Italy

Training Investment:

The total training investment to attend the "Hypnotic Based" NLP Practitioner course is now Early Bird till 15 februari 2019, 3 simple monthly installments of only €550 or €1650 all-in-one. To guarantee your registration is received BEFORE all places at the event are filled by others – I highly recommend you register as soon as possible – like right now -- for this one…“The Hypnotic Based NLP Course”:

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training. If I decide the training is not for me I can get a full refund, no

questions asked.

YES, I want to enroll now

I am ready and eager to experience 7 amazing days in Rapallo, Italy 

I am ready and eager to experience 7 amazing days in Rapallo, Italy from 31th of July until 6st of August 2019 to become a Certified Hypnotic Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotic Based NLP. I understand: I will be training for 7 amazing days with Martijn Groenendal in the stunning city of Rapallo. My investment to attend the “Hypnotic Based NLP practitioner course is just 3 simple monthly installments of only €550 or €1650 all-in-one. I also have a full 100% money back guarantee up until the end of day 1 of the training. If I decide the training is not for me I can get a full refund, no questions asked.

Today Just €550 x 3

including 27 training video modules
The Online Based NLP Practitioner Training

Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9

“How To Double - Even Triple - Your
 Hypnotic Transformational Power By 
Combining Hypnosis With Effective 
Neuro-Linguïstic Programming”

For Fast And Effective Transformations...

Main Training: Module #1

"Hypnosis-Based NLP & Changing Beyond Your Current Perceptions"

Right away, in this first module, you’ll notice this training is different from your traditional NLP programs. Although you’ll be working with many NLP principles, techniques, and models, you will also drench them in deep trance experiences and hypnosis. One thing is for sure – you’ll master your emotions, increase your confidence and discover how to make changes far beyond what you thought possible.

How this training will seamlessly “sync” ADVANCED NLP processes into your existing hypnosis skills

The mental shift you’ll need to make if you want to change beyond your current perceptions… Martijn will get you there in this training!

How you’ll be able to “re-set” or “re-configure” your internal operating system (to get you ready for the “new and enhanced applications” you will get installed into you throughout the rest of the training)
. Trance inductions to warm up your unconscious mind and to wake up your conscious mind

A simple concentration exercise to prepare your mind to be more in control of your thoughts – the more you do this, the stronger your mind will become!
 How to pay closer attention to the emotional content of your memories (plus, exercises to help you “go back in time” and work with your memories)
. Why submodalities are the building blocks of your experience
. How meta programs change your perception so you can create ANY new experience you want to have
. How to pay attention to your memories more closely
. What to record about your memories to help you work with them better by increasing their intensity!
 9 elements of sound you can pay attention to while you recall memories to make them MUCH more vivid

How to find and fully concentrate the BEST feelings inside your body from an exceptionally wonderful moment in a past memory - this will be a key skill you can use on your own or with your subjects

Main Training: Module #2

"Changing Your Childhood Blueprint & Demo (1) Using Submodalities To Enhance Memory"

Childhood memories create a ‘blueprint’ that most people carry into their adult life. In this module, you’ll begin to look at the impact of childhood memories and how to use different submodalities to change and enhance those memories.

The story of how Martijn tried to change his own ‘childhood blueprint’ and the important lesson he learned from it

A trance induction to help you relax and re-live a positive memory
. Full demonstration on using submodalities to enhance memory – you’ll hear the memory brought to life!

How to elicit submodalities by describing the content of your memory
. The 12 critical details you want to ask yourself or the person you’re working with about their memory

How to create a “recipe” for your memory by using the auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory features of your past experience
. The 9 elements of auditory submodalities (or the “soundtrack” to your memory) to help you open up the memory landscape
. How you should think about the feelings your memory has within your body
. The “playing with submodalities” exercise where you’ll learn how to transmit your memory and experience to someone else
. Boost your confidence as you get better and better at expressing your memories and putting them into words

Main Training: Module #3

"Time Distortion, Demo (2) Expanding Inner Senses, Demos (3, 4) Handshake Interrupt Inductions"

The way you experience time changes depending on your state of mind. In this module, you’ll discover how to distort time so you can work with subjects to make the good feelings and experiences in their life last longer, and bad times happen quicker. You will develop the skills to quickly transform someone's “inner landscape” -- (as well as your own, if you wish to use the hypnotic inductions and suggestions on yourself). How to distort time – a handy way to make the good times longer and the bad times shorter!
 A guided concentration exercise to help you relive one of your favorite memories – notice how your body fills up with positive feelings!
 Full demonstration: how to expand your inner senses and dive even deeper into your good feelings
. How to quickly hypnotize anybody you want and DEEPLY influence their unconscious mind with hypnotic language
. An example of the “handshake” trance induction and how to make your subject feel positive feelings throughout their entire body
. How you can add in different elements of smell or sound to multiply your subject's experience of a memory
. How to place someone’s attention on their unconscious mind with a few very simple questions -- this will induce a trance before they realize it!
 How to use the SIMPLE and EASY Handshake Interrupt Induction along with a DEMO showing you how it’s done
. How to take the best feelings you have in your memory and let yourself be inspired by what is already inside of you

A debrief from the student volunteers about their experience and how they felt throughout the induction

How to deepen the trance state using power words and hypnotic language
. The two NLP Model presuppositions you need to know
. The NLP Communication Model – this will change how you think about your “map” of the world!

Why everyone has their own unique interpretation of reality

The reason your body language and speech reflect your model of the world

Main Training: Module #4

"How Experience Creates Form, "Chunking" & Demo (5) Eliciting Values"

In this module, you’ll discover different forms of Meta Programs. You will also get a better understanding of how your experiences created form. This is how you will know whether a generalization, distortion or deletion has taken place. You’ll also begin to work with ‘chunking’ as a way to bring your subject in or out of trance by using detail and abstraction.

The 4 representational systems people use any time they put an experience into language
. Using Meta Programs to understand how people ‘sort’ information and determine your style of communication
. How to guide someone’s attention to a representational system they use less – you can use this to create a light trance!
 The “Chunk Level” meta program and what it says about how you typically see the world - in detail, or more abstractly
. How to figure out someone’s chunk level meta program and whether they’re “down chunking” or “up chunking”
. A helpful exercise to help you fully grasp the difference between details and abstractions within a story

How thinking about chunking will naturally make you a better conversationalist!
 Why using abstract language makes your subject “fill in the details” on their own – this is a great way to get someone to create their own experience and go into trance!
 How to work with interruptions in a conversation to keep it flowing and positive
. The Values Meta Program and how to elicit your subject's values so you can communicate in a way that resonates with them
. Demonstration: How to elicit values and figure out what your subject REALLY cares about

The “Primary Sorts” Meta Programs and the 5 categories where people fulfill their values (hint: finding your subject’s dominant way of sorting tells you about their MOST important value)
. How miscommunication happens and why it all comes down to a mismatch of representational systems!


(5) Eliciting Values

Main Training: Module #5

"In-depth Meta Programs, Restructuring Your Internal Landscape & The NLP Skills Review"

In this module, you’ll dive even deeper into meta-programs, specifically looking at how people form beliefs about themselves and the surrounding world. You’ll begin to understand how you form your beliefs and why everything in your reality is sorted based on your belief system. You'll also dive into decision making strategies, and discover what they tell you about frames of reference. Plus, you’ll review everything you’ve covered in the modules so far!. Discover the "Beliefs" Meta Program… this is one of the primary ways your brain filters information!
 The “Law of Harmony” and how this affects the way you (and everyone else) interprets information

What to keep in mind about adopted beliefs and why many beliefs people hold actually come from someone else

The Self/Other Meta Program – this tells you to what degree your subject sees the world through other people’s eyes

How to tell the difference between the first perception and second perception positions
. Find out how the In Time/Through Time Meta Program describes how someone perceives time
. Get deeper insight into internal and external frames of reference and how this plays a BIG role in decision making
. Find out how to create a stronger INTERNAL frame of reference, so you can be more independent and choose your OWN model of the world
. A hypnotic trance induction to help these learnings seep effortlessly into your unconscious mind

Different methods of increasing the feeling of positive and good emotions in your mind and body – you’ll discover what works best for you!
 NLP skills review and an introduction to the fascinating idea of transderivational search
. Restructure your internal landscape with a guided trance induction (this will relax you AND deliver resources straight to your unconscious)
. How to pay closer attention to the feelings within your body and focus on the good feelings – this is how you REWIRE your way of interpreting the world around you!

Main Training: Module #6

"Aligning Your “Yes” Mind, Demo (6) Deep Trance Identification & The DTI Process"

You’ll begin to work with emotional moods and states in this module, and really begin to understand the process for taking control of how you want to feel.

You’ll learn how to get into your best state and AMPLIFY it into a “power mood”. Once you have your best “power moods” – you can anchor them into your neurological pathways... and collapse old (limiting) neurological pathways extremely quickly.

A simple exercise to get you aligned with your “YES” mind

The secret to getting successful results as a hypnotherapist (hint: it has everything to do with your internal state)
. How to get yourself into your BEST state of mind
. Why the way you feel is completely YOUR choice! (Don’t worry, Martijn will show you how you can create and choose better feelings)
. The Deep Trance Identification process for enhancing your emotions and amplifying good feelings (the foundation for creating “power moods”!)
. The TWO key questions to ask yourself that help Deep Trance Identification work its magic
. Deep Trance Identification Demonstration: watch a volunteer experience a memory through someone else’s eyes
. Examples of what type of language to use when working with emotions and memories in NLP
. The 6 step Deep Trance Identification process plus an exercise to put it into practice
. How to guide yourself towards stronger and more vivid visualizations
. Discover how to choose the right kind of memory to maximize positive outcomes

Why you will become habituated to the Deep Trance Identification Process overtime
. The link between the Deep Trance Identification process and hypnotic language

Demo: (6) Deep Trance Identification & The DTI Process

Main Training: Module #7

"Using D.T.I To Build Any Skill & Demo (7) The Neuro Hypnotic Scrambling Technique For Reversing Bad Feelings"

You’ll begin to simplify the DTI process so you can help yourself and your subjects learn any skill, state of mind or desired personality trait. You’ll also see a fascinating demo of the Neuro Hypnotic Scrambling Technique for reversing bad feelings into good feelings. The DTI Process simplified and how to use it as a learning tool
. How to use TOUCH as a metaphor

Why setting up the right context is critical in order for your subject to have a good experience
. Why you naturally raise the frequency and vibration of your environment when you choose to feel good
. Working with TEMPO as a Meta Program

How your energy will change once you change your beliefs – do this and you’ll start to notice new things around you right away!
 The SIMPLE way to move towards motivation and achieve your desires
. Why many people are blind to opportunities and how to realign with purpose and values

The “enough is enough” NLP technique
. Demonstration: The 7-step Neuro Hypnotic Scrambling Technique (also known as the Reversing Feelings Technique)
. Why assigning a color to a feeling is a powerful way to alter negative feelings – Martijn shows you how to do it in this module!
 Useful techniques to help subjects relieve stress or the anxiety of public speaking

Exercise debrief: how to play with tempo to make your delivery more impactful (you can also add in your trance voice here!)

Demo. (7) The Neuro Hypnotic Scrambling Technique For Reversing Bad Feelings.

Main Training: Module #8

"Finding Desire, Demo (8) How To Set Goals & Demo (9) Becoming A “Temporary Agency”

In this module, you’ll discover that desire is the driving force behind motivation! You will also do an exercise to help you figure out what you truly desire along with a demo on how to ‘chunk’ goals down to the specifics - a more effective way of goal setting. Plus, you’ll see another demo about how to use the “Temporary Agency” technique for changing internal dialogue. Q&A session with the students to answer any doubts or concerns you might have so far
. Example of how you can add the Reversing Feelings technique to any hypnotic process or principle and apply it during your session
. The link between the Reverse Feeling technique and working with phobias

Why desire is a symbol for something you really want - in this module you’ll get in contact with your true desires!
 A valuable exercise to help you figure out what YOU really want (in your career as a hypnotist, and any other area of your life)

Demonstration: working with goals and developing the confidence to set up a private hypnotherapy practice

How to make your goal come alive with sensory specific details… this will also increase your motivation!
 The “Temporary Agency” technique and how you can apply it to any kind of change you want to make
. Demonstration: Using the Temporary Agency technique to help a subject stop wasting time on the internet
. How to build a sense of empowerment and confidence in yourself or others


(8) How To Set Goals

(9) Becoming A “Temporary Agency”

Main Training: Module #9

"Strategy Elicitation For The Problem State & The Temporary Agency Process"

You’ll go step-by-step through the process you can use to elicit the strategy someone uses to create their problems. You’ll cover the different meta models for forming problems, including nominalizations, universal quantifiers and modal operators to name a few. How to really get to know your subject’s problem by eliciting their “problem strategy” – this allows you to help them resolve it effectively
. The two KEY questions you want to ask during the “Temporary Agency” technique
. “Mind Reads” in NLP and the 2 questions to challenge mind reading assumptions (warning: using H+ here is critical!)
. Uncovering problem strategies and patterns with mind reading - this will help you make unconscious activity conscious
. The “Cause and Effect” technique for discovering problem patterns and empowering your subject

Q&A about using the temporary agency technique

The nominalization meta model to work with subjects who have turned a process into a thing (this can happen with fear, anger and many other negative emotions!)
. Why turning a negative feeling back into a process gives your subject a CHOICE about how to respond to it
. How to use universal quantifiers to get around a subject's black and white thinking

The different between “I must” and “I will”... using one of these will increase your motivation!
 The critical Modal Operators you must know that tell you HOW someone motivates themselves

Working with the Temporary Agency process – you’ll start thinking of the right intervention to use at this stage!

Begin introducing Ericksonian Hypnosis approaches here!

Main Training: Module #10

"The Strategy Elicitation For Joy, Group Trance Of Joy & Decision Making Strategies"

In this module, you’ll cover the VAK system of eye cues that reveal how someone is feeling or thinking through their unconscious body language. You’ll also begin working with strategy elicitation - a way to get yourself or others into certain states, such as joy or confidence. The 6 eye cues to watch for as you listen to your subject… this will give you a GLIMPSE inside the inner workings of their mind
. Why making your work with a subject fun will help them open up MUCH more
. How you can use Mind Bending Language and "Non-Awareness Sets" to move your subject into a deeper level of their unconscious
. Group learning induction to help you internalize the new learnings
. Student Q&A session about techniques to enhance Deep Trance Identification
. What you should keep in mind about triggers and anchors and how they impact your internal state
. Why creating a blissful internal state opens more doors and possibilities
. Different methods for accessing positive internal states FASTER and more often
. Strategy elicitation for feeling JOY using the Temporary Agency technique
. Group trance induction for positive feelings of joy and excitement – you’ll feel like you’re flying after this!

Decision making strategy exercise to show you how to figure out the process someone goes through as they make a decision

Main Training: Module #11

"The 6 Logical Levels & Using Logical Levels In Coaching"

Find out about the 6 Logical Levels in NLP - which refers to a hierarchy of internal processes within an individual. You’ll also discover how the different levels interact with one another and why it’s possible to create change at any of the 6 levels. As you’ll see, this is one of the best models for making positive internal shifts. The 6 logic levels - a classic model you can use in your hypnotherapy or coaching
. Why people get “stuck” between values and beliefs
. What to keep in mind about the link between behavior and identity
. How language can either “imprison” or free you – it all depends on how you use it!

Why changing a high-level logic during a hypnosis or NLP intervention is likely to create a HUGE shift at the lower levels as well
. How people form conclusions based on past experiences in a way that becomes an automatic learning filter

The “more life” principle and how your mission is tied to helping others get in touch with more life
. An uplifting story from one of the students about how they’ve ALREADY seen results in their behavior after the first few days!
 Why many situations or problems come from misalignment in the logical levels – and combining NLP with hypnosis will help you realign these levels for your subject!
 Examples of using logic levels in coaching – a powerful way to change someone’s “map” of themselves

Main Training: Module #12

"Demo (10) How To Elicit Logical Levels & Logical Level Questions, And Using Logical Levels In Coaching"

In this module, you’ll watch a demonstration on how to elicit all 6 logical levels from a positive and fulfilling emotional experience. You’ll also find out how to extract the information you need about the logical levels of a problem from your subject. Demonstration on how to elicit logical levels

Using questions to find out the information relevant to each logical level
. How to elicit logical levels throughout a conversation – this will give you incredible insight into your subject's “inner workings!”
 Listen to an example of how Martijn walks a subject through their memory in a way that opens up very powerful doors inside their mind
. How to deliver suggestions in a way that empowers your subject for learning, lessons and insights
. Figuring out which level a problem exists on (is it a value conflict, limiting belief, or their inner strategy… this information is critical to helping them change!!)

Find out how you can combine logical levels with a hypnotic technique or process – imagine how much MORE effective this will make your approach!
 What you need to know about working with problems and the logical level where the problem originates
. Why you should gather as much information as possible… then allow your unconscious mind to decide how you use NLP and Hypnosis (usually it will create a powerful combination of the two!)
. Specific logical level questions to ask at every level that will filter out relevant information

Dive deeper into life mission level questions – these are a valuable tool to integrate into many areas of your practice!

Discover a strategy that will make it MUCH easier to work with a resistant subject
. Why having parameters is critical (otherwise, you won’t know whether you solved the problem!)


(10) How To Elicit Logical Levels & Logical Level Questions, And Using Logical Levels In Coaching

Main Training: Module #13

"Story Of The Fast Phobia Cure & Gaining Specificity By “Down Chunking”

In this module you’ll hear incredible stories about creating resources in your mind that allow you to embody your ideal traits. You’ll work on your goals and intentions, and gain more clarity on what you want. Martijn also reveals helpful tips on how to build a successful practice and have the best possible sessions with your subjects. Find out the incredible story of how Napoleon Hill created a room inside his mind to “adopt” the traits of his historical models – and how this relates to Deep Trance Identification... and hypnosis!
 The story of the Fast Phobia Cure (the techniques Martijn used to help cure a tarantula phobia in Costa Rica!) to give you an example of how to use what you’ve learned so far to make a BIG impact
 Why a sense of humor is the enemy of fear – and how you can use this in hypnosis and NLP
. Why you should always “warm up” your subject with pre-frames to help prepare them for the experience that’s coming (and how to decide what kind of pre-frame to use!)
. How these NLP techniques will make your hypnosis sessions MUCH richer
. Review what you’ve covered so far in a helpful Q&A session before you move on to the next phase of the training
. Advice and insights on how to build a successful practice (hint: you’ll need to first define what SUCCESS means to you)
. Example of how to be specific with your intentions – this makes it more likely that your desired outcome will become a reality!
 Helpful recommendations on the décor of your therapy room to make it the optimal space for your subject to relax so they can have the best change work experience
. Specific tips on how to create induction recordings for your subjects (it’s easier than you think!)

How to create specificity and clarify goals by down chunking your subject's goal – this allows you to align your hypnotic process with that theme
. 3 specific questions to ask that will help you chunk down a goal
. An exercise to help you put these new clarification techniques into action

Main Training: Module #14

"Demo (11) Collapsing Anchors, Collapsing Anchors Deconstructed & Group Integration Induction"

Martijn begins this module with a demonstration of the Collapsing Anchors Technique to help a student get rid of a challenging emotion. Discover the entire collapsing anchors technique along with an exercise to collapse anchors and re-pattern outdated behavior. Demonstration: Working on an emotion you want to get rid of or lessen using the Collapsing Anchor technique
. Example of how to start your hypnotherapy session with a conversation before diving into the problem in a way that sets your subject up for a better outcome
. Working with subject who wants to be more spontaneous and trusting of their unconscious mind – you’ll see an example of how to use the collapsing anchors technique here!
 Listen to how Martijn locates the exact place in the subject’s body where they feel the negative emotion
. Switching your subject’s negative emotion to their “ideal” state of mind – watch how quickly this changes the state of their mind and body!

Specific steps to using the Collapsing Anchors technique during a session
. How to stack positive anchors to create even more resources for your subject
 Why you create a powerful reaction in your subject by firing both a positive AND negative anchor at the same time… and how to make sure the positive anchor overrides the negative!
 Listen to the demonstration volunteer describe the experience of having both anchors firing
. How to fit in Ericksonian principles and storytelling into the technique to amplify its effects
. Group integration induction – allow the techniques you’ve learned to imprint onto your unconscious mind (this is how you learn things on a DEEP level)


(11) Collapsing Anchors, Collapsing Anchors Deconstructed & Group Integration Induction

Main Training: Module #15

"How To Change Internal Beliefs & Group Induction: Connecting To A Purpose & Creating Future Goals"

In this module, you’ll discover how to change your negative and false beliefs into new empowering beliefs aligned with your purpose and goals. You’ll also work on 4 exercises to create future goals and build the resources to overcome any challenges you might encounter along the way. Fascinating story about Milton Erickson’s ability to “read” someone’s unconscious by picking up on very subtle cues
. Igor Ledochowski’s breathing exercise that helps create razor-like focus towards your intention
. How to change your internal dialog and false personal beliefs into NEW empowering beliefs aligned with purpose
. How to use the collapsing anchors technique during online sessions
. Integrating classical revivification into your therapy session (TIP: use 3 to make your subject feel a real difference)
. Alternative ways to empower someone even if you’re not physically present in the room with them
. A group induction to connect to purpose – this will leave you feeling wonderful!
 Align your conscious and unconscious mind to activate a sense of confidence and deeper purpose
. Simple exercise to help you recall your most inspiring hypnosis insights and skills – notice how this makes you feel more energized!
 Transport yourself into the future with the “Creating a future goal” exercise
. Listen in on the feedback about the transformational effect this exercise can have on your vibration and energy

Main Training: Module #16

"Understanding Internal Dialogues & Demo (12) Changing Negative Internal Dialogue"

Where do negative internal dialogues come from?

You’ll discover how people form them, and a step-by-step process for changing internal dialogues in yourself or a subject. Understanding internal dialogue – the voice and pictures in your mind control most of your emotions!

How people judge emotions (without even noticing!) and why it’s critical to remove judgments if you want to change or help others change
. How past emotions can get triggered – even in a simple conversation
. Why children are MUCH more susceptible to absorbing suggestions about beliefs and identity
. Strategies to change outdated meanings that no longer fit your values
. The story of how Martijn began facing and dealing with repressed emotions
. Demonstration: Changing a negative inner dialogue and dealing with a critical internal voice
. How to help your subject locate their internal dialogue – this is a KEY step before you can change it!

Eliciting your subject’s most toxic limiting beliefs and what to do if your subject doesn’t want to openly name them

Replacing a NEGATIVE limiting inner voice with a POSITIVE confident self-beliefs
. How to help your subject “embody” a new perspective – you’ll see an incredible demo of this here


(12) Changing Negative Internal Dialogue

Main Training: Module #17

"Changing Your Internal Dialogue, Group Changing Dialogue Trance & Demo (13) Tasking With A Double Arm Levitation"

In this module, you’ll dive deeper into the techniques for changing internal dialogues and how to actually change the way an inner voice sounds. You’ll also hear a trance induction to help you change and empower your internal dialogue.

Plus, Martijn performs a double arm levitation demo where each arm gets a different task at an unconscious level - you won’t want to miss this! A step-by-step overview of the 6 steps you’ll want to take to change your subject’s internal dialogue

Valuable insight on how to pick the right kind of voice to transform your critical voice into
. Group trance to change your inner dialogue – you’ll love this!
 Why it’s important to remember not to take your thoughts too seriously
. Providing “Hypnotic Guidance” to your subject and making sure they know what to do
. How to “check in” with your subject so you know if you’re going in the right direction
. 6 hypnotic elements to keep in mind during your session
. Double arm levitation demonstration: combining elements of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis
. “Tasking” your unconscious with problems to solve through a double arm levitation – this is impressive stuff!

Find out the effect of the induction and arm levitation on the volunteer’s internal state
. Group learning induction – listen to this and you’ll immediately feel more optimistic about the future

(13) Tasking With A Double Arm Levitation

Main Training: Module #18

"Emotional Triggers, The Personal Boundary & Unfulfilled Values"

Preferences create personal boundaries, and a trigger response can violate the boundary - leading to anger and sadness. You’ll find out what happens when values aren’t fulfilled and what emotional triggers might arise from it.

This module will prepare you to discover which of your subject's values were violated and strategies to help them overcome anger or sadness. Your personal boundary and what this means about the decisions you make
. Creating a new standard if childhood standards are no longer useful

Student Q&A session about adding “pictures” to your inner voice
. What responsibility REALLY means
. The Trigger Response Sequence – this tells you how the mind becomes conditioned and makes associations
. Why you should celebrate noticing automatic reactions instead of criticizing yourself
. How to think about your reactions and what they mean (this is really mind-bending!)

Why decisions are PRIMAL (HINT: the more decisions you make… the more alive you become)
. How to interpret emotions of sadness and anger as a signal from nature

Why hurt is a form of STRESS
. Examples of working with depression and how to denominalize it in your subject

Why sadness and anger are a form of “course correction” and feedback from your subconscious
. Values and needs – there is a hierarchy of values from most to least important

The ONE thing your nervous system wants you to do when you have an emotion
. Dealing with anger or sadness (constructive behavior is the only way out!)
. Simple exercise to help you figure out where you own past anger or sadness comes from

5 questions to answer for overcoming anger or sadness

What the feeling of GUILT reveals to you about violating your own standards
. The important difference between SHAME and GUILT.

Main Training: Module #19

"Finding The Opportunities Within Challenges & Demo (14) Changing A Feeling State

In this module, you’ll work with eliciting opportunities from a challenge or problem in a way that helps you overcome it and enhance your life. Find out how to help someone change a feeling state along with a full demonstration showing you the technique. Q&A about how anger and sadness can turn into depression
. Finding the opportunities within challenges (The “Napoleon Hill Mindset”!)
 The Dynamic Mental Imagery hypnosis technique applied to NLP
. How you should symbolically interpret a challenge in a way that will help you make a change or “quantum leap” forward
. Why the challenge or problem you’re facing is actually the OPPORTUNITY you need or lesson that must be internalized
. An exercise to help you look back on your past challenges and extract the meaning
. The 3 reframing questions you should ask to find the opportunity in a challenge

How to apply these questions to a challenge that sits between you and your DREAM
. The ONE question to ask your subject to help them reframe and empower their pain
. How to pre-frame your question to your subject making it less likely they will resist answering it
 Demonstration: Changing a feeling state – you can do this with ANYONE in ANY circumstance

Combine many of the techniques you’ve learned so far – you’ll be amazed at what you can already do!


(14) Changing A Feeling State

Main Training: Module #20

"Changing A Feeling Formula, Putting People Into “State” & Demo (15) The NLP Swish Pattern"

From the previous module, you learned that it’s possible to change a feeling state using NLP and Hypnosis - and now you’ll get the 5-step process for how to use this technique with your subjects. Martijn also dives into self-image and how to “switch” out your current self-image with your ideal version using the fun and effective NLP Swish Pattern technique.

5-step process for changing a feeling
. The classic NLP question you should ask your subject to help them change a behavior or reaction
. How to elicit valuable information about the skills or resources your subject already has to solve the problem

How to help your subject gain clarity about the best way to respond to their problem
. When you can apply all the hypnotic principles and lessons you know!
 An exercise to help you put the 5-step change process into action
. Exercise debrief, helpful feedback and Q & A about the exercise
. What to keep in mind about the neurology of a problem
. 5 easy steps to help your subject resource and amplify a “state” (i.e. happiness) through location anchoring
. How to adapt your language to make others more responsive
. How to RAPIDLY change self-image or habits with the Swish Pattern
. Demonstration: Using the NLP Swish Pattern to create a new self-image – you’re gonna love this!


(15) The NLP Swish Pattern

Main Training: Module #21

"NLP Swish Pattern Step By Step Breakdown, Yes & No Preferences & Deeper Into Personal Boundaries"

Get ready to master the NLP Swish Pattern technique, along with an exercise to put it all into action. By the end of this module you’ll have the necessary skills to help others create a new and improved self-image and much more. The complete Swish Pattern process broken down into easy to follow steps

The classic NLP question you should ask your subject to help them change a behavior or reactionA “test” that will quickly tell you if you’re going in the right direction with the new self-image you’re creating
. Signals to look out for that indicate your subject is ready to move onto the next step
. How to communicate to the visual and auditory systems as you perform the Swish Pattern
. How many times you should repeat the “Swish” process for maximum impact

Combining the Swish Pattern with trance and hypnosis

Why future pacing and an Ericksonian approach can give the Swish Pattern technique an even bigger BOOST

How to overcome procrastination using the Swish Pattern

Creating momentum and a positive course of motion for the future
. Book recommendations to help you expand your NLP skills even further
. Q&A review about processes, exercises and experiences so far
. How your identity is formed out of your preferences (and how this also creates your boundaries!)

Why fear is a protection mechanism to avoid loss and how increasing trust will cancel out fear
. Why opportunities are threats for some people (this is why your subject might be resisting a big change!!)

Main Training: Module #22

"Demo (16) Finding A 100% Certain Belief, Demo (17) Finding A Belief In Doubt & How To Switch Beliefs With Demo (18)"

In module 22, you’ll watch 3 powerful demonstrations that reveal how you to work with certainty and doubt. In fact, you’ll see how you can use doubt submodalities to make someone doubt their problem! Stepping into a new belief: how beliefs work and why they become automatic
. Demonstration: Finding a belief you are 100% certain about
. Certainty as a process and how your brain becomes convinced something is true

Demonstration: Finding doubt within a belief
. Exploring doubt in your mind and finding HOW your brain is doubting
. How to switch beliefs – with a step-by-step demonstration on how to LOCK a new belief into certainty
. Examples of how to make your subject’s mental images CLEAR and VIVID
. Why you need to figure out the EXACT submodalities of a belief
. Working with color, size, sounds, feelings and internal dialogues
. Placing the limiting belief into the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory systems
. Mapping limiting beliefs and turning them into doubt
. Building beliefs that align with your purpose, dreams and desires
. How to make the process more hypnotic by working with the unconscious mind


(16) Finding A 100% Certain Belief

(17) Finding A Belief In Doubt

(18) How To Switch Beliefs With Demo

Main Training: Module #23

"Timelines, Demo (19) Eliciting Timelines Kinesthetically Using External Anchors & The Process For Timeline Elicitation"

Everyone’s mind has its own way of representing time internally. In this module, you’ll uncover how your brain represents time, and how to elicit timelines of the past, present and future with using an external kinesthetic anchor.

Take THIS simple test (and give it to your subjects) to find out how your brain represents time
. How your unconscious mind represents time to you (this is your internal TIMELINE)

The incredible ways you can interact with your timeline during trance
. Working with ‘progression’ or going into the future to make it exactly as you want
. The ‘Kinesthetic Timeline’ Exercise

Demonstration: working with timelines, future goals and internal dialogues
. The 5-step timeline process to manifest goals into the FUTURE
. Find out an excellent way to gain clarity, organization and planning
. Working with your subject and helping them set and understand their goals

Why it’s critical to listen to the language your subject uses about time (this gives you insight into how they orient themselves!)


(19) Eliciting Timelines Kinesthetically Using External Anchors & The Process For Timeline Elicitation

Main Training: Module #24

"The Fast Phobia Cure & Demo (20) Fast Phobia Cure With A Live Tarantula"

In this unforgettable module you’ll find out all about the Fast Phobia Cure, and watch Martijn put it into action with a demonstration where he helps a volunteer overcome a fear of spiders. You won’t want to miss what happens next…

Get ready to create massive positive changes in this module!

Martijn’s incredible story about gaining confidence in the Guatemala
. The Fast Phobia Cure technique – a simple way to get RID of fear
. Demonstration on how to cure the fear of spiders using the Fast Phobia Cure
. How to project your subject's memories onto a “movie screen” so they can see and control their fear
. Using metaphors in the fast phobia cure - your hypnotic skills will come in handy here!
 See the effect of the Fast Phobia Cure against spiders on a subject RIGHT AWAY (then watch the subject hold a LIVE tarantula)
. How conquering fears and phobias will transform your subject and make them more confident in other areas of their life

How to wrap up a session when you’re working with a phobia to solidify the changes your subject made
. Examples of the kind of language to use to make your subject feel SAFE


(20) Fast Phobia Cure With A Live Tarantula

Main Training: Module #25

"Demo (21) The Fast Phobia Cure With A Live Snake, The Fast Phobia Cure Step By Step Formula"

You’ll watch the Fast Phobia Cure once again, but this time to help a volunteer overcome a fear of snakes, followed by an in-depth review of how to apply the technique. Demonstration of an emotional and impressive fast phobia cure against the fear of snakes
. Creating a ‘mind movie’ of your subject's fear that they can have full control over
. How to use the ‘remote control’ metaphor to place control and power back in your subject's hands
. Demo debrief from the student volunteer who talks about his life changing experience
. How to help your subject dissociate from their fear
. The Fast Phobia Cure technique broken down into 6 easy steps - now you’ll also be able to help your subjects overcome fears and phobias!
 Why every memory has a beginning, middle and end – and how you can use this to your advantage during a hypnosis session
. How to create a DOUBLE dissociation – this is the very essence of the fast phobia cure
. The process to NEUTRALIZE a difficult memory

How to do a ‘breaker state’ to bring your subject out of the memory before you bring them back in – this is when they’ll start to notice the changes taking place!
 ‘Testing’ the memory and helping your subject notice what has changed


(21) The Fast Phobia Cure With A Live Snake

Main Training: Module #26

"The Fast Phobia Cure Expanded With Frames And Pre-Frames, In-Depth NLP Questions & Answers"

Discover how to expand and make the Fast Phobia Cure even more effective by using frames and pre-frames. You’ll also find out how to apply the technique to different situations, and troubleshoot any issues that might arise during a session with your subject. Frames you can add to the fast phobia cure process to ramp up its effectiveness even more

Meta-emotions and how emotions react with each other (this will give you incredible insight into how triggers work)

Why a quick pace helps when you’re working with submodalities
. How your brain RECODES itself once it takes a different point of view
. Why the Fast Phobia Cure is ALL about dissociation
. The difference between a FEAR and a PHOBIA

What resistance represents and why the unconscious mind reacts with resistance
. A super MASSIVE and powerful question to ask yourself whenever you face a challenge

How to apply reframes to your own stories
. Helping your subjects change their perception of a difficult situation

Main Training: Module #27

"More Q&A, How To Use Double Dissociations For Intense Emotional States, Creating Empowering Beliefs, Final Group Induction"

In this final module, Martijn walks you through double dissociations as a way to work with highly emotional people and traumatic experiences. You’ll integrate all of the “Hypnotic-Based NLP” techniques and processes with a trance induction to wrap up and integrate the training. Student Q&A and looking at how to develop internal and external confidence

How you as a hypnotist have the power to help people choose a NEW story
. Helping your subject deal with sadness

What to do if your subject suddenly starts to doubt their decision to change
. Using the double dissociation technique to work through intense emotional states
. Dive into additional hypnosis techniques you can combine with NLP to overcome fearful emotions or memories
. Applying the Fast Phobia Cure to the fear of flying
. How to identify the right moment to use the fast phobia cure technique
. Create an empowering new belief that aligns with your ideal future self – and an exercise to help build conviction about your new belief!
 Final group induction to close the training and let all of the incredible learnings settle into your subconscious

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