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The Online Metamorphosis Training

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You are about to undertake the most powerful journey within yourself that you have ever made:

You are about to undertake the most powerful journey within yourself. This is the key to all success, although most of us have never learned it. All the visionaries throughout time have used it to their advantage. The first step to all your succes is to be able to think clearly about the thing you want. Let me explain: You are a creative being and life energy is constantly flowing to and through you, with that life energy substance, just like gasoline for a car, you can think, and think whatever you want. The thing is that that what you think with great emotion and intensity or love, and act upon daily, is the thing that will manifest. So the thing that you think, in that substance, must create itself, that is the law. The secret is to choose the ideal scène of your life and fall deeply in love with it, like you have never felt before. That is exactly what is gonna happen while you go through this training. This ideal scène of you, is your vision. The Law of life works for the advancement of all things and time will help you to manifest your ideal scène. I want you to understand that it all starts with you, right here, right now. You need to constantly feed the thinking stuff in your mind, the thing you love most to manifest in your life. That's the gift for you. Impress it deeply in the garden of your mind. Be emotionally involved with it every day. Make love with it so to speak. This is the key to all success, although most of us have never learned it. It is by far the most untaught technique today, for as valuable as it is.

Let your body body vibrate in the assumption that your desire is already fullfilled, you are thankful for it in the same time and then you are constantly taking action towards the fulfillment of your vision. This is a constant discipline that must take place in your mind and therefore automatically in your life. Having the fullfilled desire in mind at all times and have FAITH in it. Do not betray it, do not doubt it, do not take your love out of it, don't cheat on yourself, don't abandon yourself. Instead, love your ideal scene


With the Metamorphosis Training, you will make 2020 your best year ever...

"Having the life you want is your birthright" 

You have to be clear and precise, and you have to imagine the VISION as if you al already having it, right now, right here and every day. Be thankful for it and do this every day. You have to be like the programmed computer, 80% of success is based on your mentality and 20% of how you do it. The "how" doesn't matter and will take care of itself. The "what" does matter. Your energy, passion and emotion, the state of being, your attitude and behavior of how you are, and/or how you are doing an activity, determines the result.

Metamorphosis Training