"Unblock Your True Destiny, Gifts and Talents, Be Empowered
And Use Your Gifts to Benefit Others" 

A Special One Year Training For Pure Empowerment

Welcome To The 1 year Self Mastery Mentorship Training:

In this 1 year Self Mastery Mentorship Mastery Program, you will unblock your true destiny, gifts and talents and be a benefit to other people. Every week you will get teachings to become aware of your true destiny, overcome unwanted patterns, blockages and old wounding programming from the past. Also you will get to do powerful exercises for deep self discovery and changing unwanted patterns in yourself.

First: you will get deep teachings around your true destiny and learn to unblock that part of you that knows all about your true destiny, your gifts and talents. You will become more and more aware of your own power, confidence and self esteem,  your ability to create your own experiences and your hearts desires. 

Second: you will come to a full understanding of your own childhood patterns and learn about the reptile brain survival mechanisms, emotional reactions and core wounds and how to solve them.

Third: you get deep work coaching mastery mentorship training, were you learn how to reinstall new programs in your own self so that you can act on new feelings, a new powerful identity and new habits. This means you will fix deep old wounding programming to experience confidence in your work and career instead of self-doubt, love  in your intimate relationships instead off pain and freedom in your self expression instead of playing it safe

Fourth: you will learn the most effective coaching skills, real tools for change on how to help other people making these deep work changes aswel. You become a true gift for others, if you want. It will make you even better then a world class coach because you have made these changes in yourself first and then you can read, intuit and help other people much better.

Fifth: you will use your own potency field to re-imprint yourself with exactly the right information that you want so that you have to life that you want. You will have the experiences, the feelings and behaviors that you want.

Sixth: You will learn how to automatically have the right behaviors (actions) and identity , in every situation to fulfil your true hearts desires, live your true destiny and be a benefit to other people because you are now able to be such a person. Congratulations!

"Whatever programming you walk around with now is because you repeatedly experienced it in your own brain, that is why it became automatic and you might even started to identify with those patterns so that it became your self image"

"Align With Your True Destiny, Be Empowered  And Use
Your Gifts to Benefit Others" 

"Welcome to the Self Mastery Mentorship Training A One Year Training For Pure Empowerment"

"This special one year training, every week live on zoom, is a unique chance for you. It is all focused on unblocking your true destiny, gifts and talents. Making definite plans for actions, stepping into your 6-star self-image, raising your standars, having a wonderful mastermind group of people to be supported by, all going in the same direction. Inside of you is the blueprint of the richest, most expressed version of you" 

You'll Get:

You Will Get:

- 1 year high quality weekly mentorship mastery training; for pure empowerment. LIVE ON ZOOM for unblocking your gifts, talents and true destiny

- 1 year high quality weekly mentorship mastery training;  including powerful exercises for changing unwanted unconscious patterns, unwanted childhood patterns and unwanted family patterns. 
Cancelling unwanted social heredity

- great techniques for finishing addictive patterns like people pleasing, being a savior of other people, curing the "loser syndrome", inferiority complexes, stress and codependency patterns

- a definite plan for action, following your true inner blueprint; guiding you intuïting you and leading you always in the right direction

- powerful mindsets for being more productive, effective and confident in the world

- 1 year private 1-on-1, 30 minutes coaching sessions

Every saterday morning 10:00 - 12:00 noon (New York, City Time, EDT) from 30 may 2020 till 29 may 2021. Live on ZOOM.

10:00 -10:45: Experience deep work teachings to raise your awareness about yourself, your programming/patterns, gifts and talents for pure empowerment

10:45 - 11:15: mastery mentorship training exercises; step by step clarity processes for pure empowerment 

11:15 - 12:00: integration teachings and exercises for the week ahead of you.
1 year training, 47 dollar a month